• Operational analysis and review
  • Financial performance auditing and monitoring
  • Advise ownership on strategic and management issues
  • Assessment of value-creating opportunities and improvement of asset utilization
  • Implementation of continuous quality and cost reduction decisions




Development of meeting space for events of the future

An in-depth analysis of a hotel market leader and its competitors led to recommended strategies to better use meeting and event spaces that would improve space utilization and customer experience.


Optimizing e-commerce to increase profitability in the luxury segment

Assessment of the current e-business strategy of a luxury hotel group allowed the identification of factors leading to increased profitability, and recommendations to optimize the e-commerce strategy at the corporate and property levels.


Transition from B2B to B2C service

A competitive strategy framework was applied to leverage a firm’s leadership position in the B2B segment and position its service proposition in the B2C segment.