Good advice includes three essential steps: At the beginning, we set a clear, strategic objective. Then, we creatively develop an appropriate operating concept. Finally, we deal with the hard figures and the operational implementation of a concept that promises to generate profit. HC AG offers all of these steps as individual processes or as a complete package.

Strategic advice determines a strategic focus and objectives. Conceptual development, meanwhile, is geared towards a new operating concept. Finally, during the implementation planning stage we create a realistic business plan for the company.

As part of an operational audit, we bring a company under the spotlight and make suggestions for improvement. We can implement and support a catalogue of measures such as this as an action plan.

  • Drawing up strategic decision bases
  • Analysing the competitor situation and a company’s own position
  • Defining the strategic focus and objective
  • Deriving the product- and service-related consequences
  • Adapting the organisation
  • Developing a rough business plan
  • Purposefully introducing conceptual measures and supporting implementation
  • Examining trends
  • Monitoring consumer, catering and supplier markets
  • Analysing service quality
  • Analysing quotation and price policy
  • Developing sales and marketing concepts
  • Checking introduced functional and working procedures, processes
  • Developing operation types
  • Determining the potential to generate profit
  • Drawing up expansion plans
  • Building on the necessary organisation, including job vacancies
  • Recruiting management with the support of partner institutes
  • Pre-opening budgets
  • Operational budget
  • Capital flow statement
  • Calculating liquidity
  • Drawing up a detailed business plan
  • Extensively analysing the competition and sites
  • Mystery shopping
  • Market analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Control and success criteria
  • Various uses and layout plans
  • Considering operational matters, analysis, calculations, key figures
  • Space allocation plans target and actual
  • Calculating and testing investments
  • Assessing existing concepts
  • Analysing efficiency
  • Analysing strengths and weaknesses
  • Management cockpit, facts and figures
  • Benchmarking
  • Full costs and results analysis
  • Analysing potential for improvement
  • Cost-cutting measures and providing support with implementation
  • Management and team interviews
  • Customer meetings
  • Analysing processes and organisation
  • Developing a quotation structure
  • Drawing up an operational budget

Client Representation

  • Representation in planning committees
  • Considering client interests during all planning and execution phases
  • Drawing up a concept for and negotiating contracts with all parties involved in a project
  • Project management (costs, deadlines, etc.)

Site Development

  • Drawing up decision bases
  • Recording and evaluating market data
  • Assessing a specific real estate situation (availability and price)
  • Checking and making suggestions for site quotations

Invitations to Tender

  • Drawing up concept and brand portfolios
  • Preparing an invitation to tender with all the bases
  • Issuing the invitation to tender incl. evaluation procedure
  • Conducting negotiations and concluding contracts
  • Providing operators with support until opening